Catalan protesters strike with mixed feelings about future

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By Euronews
Catalan protesters strike with mixed feelings about future

Tens of thousands have taken part in a general strike in Barcelona – joining in marches and blocking roads – in protest at Sunday’s violent crackdown by Spanish police

It had been called before the region’s referendum and had been intended to support calls for independence. But the violence meted out by police has now galvanised some and worried others:

“I’ve always considered myself Catalan but I wasn’t pro-independence but with recent events we are outraged and are joining in with the independence euphoria. We cannot be part of a country that puts up with this (violence), where the Government and political parties do not condemn police repression”.

“I am not pro-independence, I am Catalan and I am devastated because this issue has completely polarised the Spanish and Catalan Governments. There is so much uncertainty.”

Reporting for euronews from Barcelona, Cristina Giner said: “The police action on Sunday during the referendum which was suspended by the Constitutional Court has escalated the social and institutional struggle to a level never before seen in democratic Spain.”