Sky-high dining Brazilian style

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By Euronews
Sky-high dining Brazilian style

There’s a new spin on the traditional summer barbecue after a group of Brazilians took a national pastime to dizzying heights and tried to bag a new world record into the bargain.

102 absailers rappeled off a 28 metre high abandoned bridge in Sao Paulo state to sit at a large table complete with its own grilling station, suspended 20 metres above ground.

Diners tucked into a Brazilian barbecue, called churrasco, aiming to set a new world record for the largest number of people seated at a dinner table suspended high in the sky.

Alan Ferreira, said it had taken him two months to organise the event.

“It is the first (aerial dining) attempt using vertical techniques and it is the biggest in the world, it has never been done before using rappel techniques. This is the first time in the world and on top of that, it’s with nearly 100 seated people. So, it will become the largest suspended table with churrasco being served.”

But the absailers could return to earth with a bump.

Guinness World Records have not yet issued an official statement confirming the Brazilian record attempt.