EU indecision worsens Italy's migrant crisis

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By Euronews
EU indecision worsens Italy's migrant crisis

As the European Union seeks a long-term solution to the refugees crisis, tens of thousands of migrants continue to pour into Italy setting up makeshift camps in cities across the country.

Since January, 110,000 immigrants landed in Europe via the Mediterranean.

Saddam from Sudan fled to Italy hoping to move north, but encountered problems. “I’ve tried to ride with the train, but there were policemen,” he said. “They said that the ones with no ticket should get off the train.”

The huge numbers of refugees have caused large-scale debates in Italy. The enhanced control of stations and trains by police has also brought many setbacks to refugees.

“Once they’ve reached Italy, most refugees should also stay here, due to the terrible sharing system,” explains Francesco Cherubine, a refugee expert. “Sometimes, the Italian government doesn’t take their fingerprints and simply sends people onwards to other European countries.”

Refugees like Saddam are willing to stay in Italy. But Italian police have recently banned the refugee camp from the station leaving sleep a problem for the migrants.

Austria has repeatedly threatened to close its borders with Italy saying it will send soldiers to block any migrants trying to head north.