UK: Thousands join anti-government protest

UK: Thousands join anti-government protest
By Euronews

Carrying placards reading "Tories out" and "Not one day more," thousands marched through London on Saturday in protest against the conservative government's policies.

Thousands marched through central London on Saturday (July 1) in protest against the British government’s economic policies.

Protesters carried placards reading “Tories out” and “Not one day more.” Many focused on the Grenfell Tower blaze and cuts to public services. The rally was organised by a group called the People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

The demonstrators argue Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has lost all legitimacy since losing her parliamentary majority in last month’s election.

Leader of the opposition Labour party Jeremy Corbyn addressed the protesters at Parliament square, saying he was determined to force another election, end austerity policies and protect public services.

“Grenfell taught us a message about housing, taught us a message that so many people are frightened of living in tower blocks, frightened of the danger, frightened of the insecurity,” Corbyn said. “That is the face of modern Britain with the Tories. That is the face of modern Britain with austerity. End austerity and invest in the future. Invest in decent housing.”

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