Brexit and the future of Polish citizens in the UK

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By Euronews
Brexit and the future of Polish citizens in the UK

Leaving behind everything for a new life abroad.

Dorota came to the UK thirteen years ago with her husband.

The one-time hotel cleaner now runs her own coffee shop in north London.

Like many of the one million strong Polish community across country, she was stunned by last year’s referendum result ..

“I was really upset. It was a really really sad morning (that) I can remember straight away .”

Dorota now worries about the uncertainties Brexit has brought about for her family, including her two children.

“Because we still don’t know what will happen to us. I don’t have a British passport. To be honest, any (sic -none) of the parties say clearly: Yes the people have right to stay after the Brexit; It is unclear,” said Dorota Staniak

The fate of people like Dorota us a thorny issue back in Poland where the government is keen to seal a deal as quickly as possible.

“So obviously that is a huge political priority for the government at the moment. You have a million Poles living in the UK. They will have families back in Poland, some five or six million; These people are voters. So the government is thinking now that we need to get it done. We need to secure the rights of Polish nationals in the UK as soon as possible. Because that is not also a matter of a national priority, but also a political priority,” said Jakub Krupa, London bureau chief, Polish Press Agency.

Andrezj left Poland more than thirty tears ago.

He wants Poles to also think about their responsibilities, not just their rights.

“I would like to encourage Polish people just to try to stay here and assimilate. that is what i did; They will obviously do their best in the interests of the British public – I am talking about the government. And obviously some people will have to go back,” said Andrzej Badziak.

Whoever becomes Britain’s next PM,t hey will face long nights of stormy talks in Brussels before they’ll be able to settle the issue.