[watch] Woman fights off car thief by jumping on bonnet

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By Everton Gayle
[watch] Woman fights off car thief by jumping on bonnet

Melissa Marian refused to take it laying down when a car thief tried to get away with her SUV at a petrol station.

The young driver was at a petrol station in Milwaukee, USA, when a car pulled up and a young man jumped into her 4X4.

Marian confronted the thief then jumped on the hood of her car.

The thief then tried to dislodge the owner by braking suddenly but she wasn’t budging.

Eventually the delinquent gives up and makes a run for it.

Marian says she did not think of the danger when on the hood of her car saying that it “wasn’t the smartest or safest thing”.

But she added: “He was laughing while I was on my car, and he was trying to throw me off, so zero remorse.”

Despite keeping hold of her car the thieves got away with her purse and mobile phone.