Siberian Husky attempts great escape from Chinese Vet

Siberian Husky attempts great escape from Chinese Vet
By Atack Patrick

Cao Sheng, pet hospital owner, says he’s never seen any dog open a cage like this.

In fact, he says it can even be hard for humans to open these cages, because “there is a little mechanism for unbolting the door”.

But that bolt didn’t stop one industrious Siberian Husky.

Not only did the dog break free from its cage, it went on to help its canine companions escape their cages too.

But this Husky’s feline friends weren’t quite so lucky. The Husky is seen to move the cat’s cage, on the security footage, but makes no attempt to set the cats free.

Sheng says this ‘prison break’ was far from expected. In fact, he said “We call the Husky one of ‘the three stupid sled dogs,’ and it is the dumbest”.

To stop any further bids for freedom, Sheng has given the Husky a new cage- one designed to withstand the strength of a Tibetan Mastiff.

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