Afghanistan: Taliban 'engages in rescue efforts' after deadly snowfall

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By Euronews  with Reuters
Afghanistan: Taliban 'engages in rescue efforts' after deadly snowfall

The Taliban militant group has announced it is engaging in rescue efforts in Afghanistan after heavy snowfall caused over 80 deaths in 48 hours.

It published a report on its Internet portal ‘The Jihad Voice’ in which it claims to have helped dozens of people in vehicles stuck in snow in the southern province of Zabul.

Since Thursday (February 2), more than a hundred people have died as a result of the extreme weather conditions.

At least 50 people died in one village in Nuristan, in the north east of the country, after an avalanche buried the commune, an official has confirmed.

Provincial Governor Hafiz Abdul Qayum said it was feared the death toll may rise.

Elsewhere in the region, at least five people were killed when roofs collapsed onto them.

Badakhshan deaths

Heavy snow in the northern province of Badakhshan has also proved deadly, with at least 19 people succumbing to avalanches, or other weather-related incidents since Friday.

Some 17 people were injured in the area, according to a spokesman for the provincial governor.

Pakistan-Afghanistan border avalanche

Separately, a government rescue worker was killed when an avalanche struck the Chitral region, near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, the commanding officer said.