Cristian Mungiu: There is less diversity in modern cinema

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By Euronews
Cristian Mungiu: There is less diversity in modern cinema

Palme d’Or laureate (‘4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days’) Cristian Mungiu is considered one of leading New Wave directors in Europe today.

The Romanian filmmaker picked up another award in Cannes this year – this time, Best Director for latest film, ‘Graduation’ (‘Baccalauréat’).

Euronews’ Lise Pedersen met up with him at the recent Marrakech Film Festival for a chat about his movie and the role of cinema today.

Cristian Mungiu: “It (‘Graduation’) speaks about truth and about lies, and about what happens to your life if you let too many lies in, and finally, it speaks about selfishness and about how we manage always in society, today, to find individual solutions, but we are never capable of finding a collective solution that would save us all.”

Cristian Mungiu: “Hopefully after you exit the theatre, you will realise that the film speaks about you, and about your problems, and about the questions that you need to ask yourself, and I think it’s wonderful when cinema manages to do that.”

Cristian Mungiu: “It has become difficult to preserve what I think is the most important thing in cinema which is diversity. (…) If the trend continues at this speed, twenty years from now, we’ll just have these formatted genre pieces and not much else, and I don’t think cinema was invented for this.”