President Trump: Will he fill the gap?

President Trump: Will he fill the gap?
By Euronews
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He broke every tradition and has upended the political establishment.


He broke every tradition and has upended the political establishment. Donald Trump’s presidency has come against all the odds. So how did he do it?

The Republican won over voters fed up with Washington’s ways – and it seems his controversial comments did not dampen support.

Controversial comments

His words about the opposite sex will long be remembered. Trump described beautiful women as a magnet – women that he has to kiss.

He also made a personal attack on a US TV host, after claiming she had fired unfair questions at him during a presidential debate.

Then there was his stinging attack on Muslims – calling for them to barred from entering the US, a remark since reigned back.

Trump has also stirred things up in Mexico – his campaign being one of the most unpopular there in living memory.

Reviving the American dream

The real-estate developer and reality TV star pulled in large crowds – where he was cheered for what’s been described as “just saying what everybody’s thinking.”

Critics called him a misogynist, a racist, a sex predator, all of which he denied.

Trump described a dark America that had been knocked to its knees by China, Mexico, Russia and ISIL.

The American dream was dead, he pressed, smothered by malevolent business interests and corrupt politicians. He said he alone could revive that dream.

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” Trump told supporters.

Wealth: Mind the gap

Trump reached out to those feeling left out in society, people who have seen their living standards deteriorate – and are desperately seeking a better life.

Statistics show the media wealth for an adult in the US is 39-thousand dollars, less than in Spain.

Overall wealth has gone up among the richest in America, by more than nine percent since 1989. While the less wealthy have seen their share fall to 24.7 percent.

Life expectancy is also different between the rich and poor, more than 14 years according to figures.

More than 14 percent of Americans are said to be living under the poverty line, with almost a third of children living in poverty.

And figures show more than 90 million Americans – over a third of the population over 16 – are neither employed nor unemployed and fall into a “not in the labour force” category.

Commenting on this, Trump said: “People are stopping they are not looking for work anymore because the can’t get a job and they take them out of the rolls. These numbers are an absolute disaster.


“Labour force participation is fallen to its lowest in nearly 40 years.”

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