Donald Trump, the multifaceted man? Euronews reports from New York

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By Euronews
Donald Trump, the multifaceted man? Euronews reports from New York

The last 19 months have seen one of the ugliest and nastiest presidential campaigns in modern US history play out.

We've seen so many different, opposing sides to Donald Trump.

Mark Davis Euronews, New York

Euronews’ Stefan Grobe and Mark Davis are covering the result and aftermath from New York.

Stefan Grobe, euronews

“What do you make of all this Mark?”

Mark Davis, euronews

“Well, it still seems very strange Stefan to hear you say the words President Donald Trump. I think this election has thrown up a lot of questions. For example, what of the environment when we have a president of the United States who has said that climate change is a hoax? What of human rights, when we have a new US president who has in the past defended water-boarding, defending Guantanamo Bay?”

Stefan Grobe

“And what about the wall between the US and Mexico? This was one of the first campaign promises that Donald Trump made. Are we going to see this? What about the controversial health care law, Obamacare? Are millions of Americans now losing healthcare? So, there are a lot of questions.

“Trump always said, he’s going to start undoing Obama’s legacy from day one, but now he seems to have a mandate. Did that surprise you? I mean, this was a massive turnout in favour of Trump….

Mark Davis

“Well, what surprises me is that we’ve seen so many different, opposing sides to Donald Trump. We have the man who was saying “lock her up” about his rival Hillary Clinton, and then in his acceptance speech praised her and said Americans owe her a debt of gratitude; so I wonder whether Trump the candidate is going to be a very different person from Trump the president.”

Stefan Grobe

“I think we need to say a word on Hillary Clinton. She was certainly not an ideal candidate. Many Americans have told me throughout the campaign that she would probably be the lesser of two evils, but now it turns out that Donald Trump was that person. I was surprised by her weakness in her so-called firewall up north, states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan; Michigan she already lost against Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

“And then the Latino vote wasn’t strong enough to offset her apparent weakness with white, blue collar workers without a college education.

“I’ve seen many women shedding tears. This was probably their last time, at least in the near future, that they could see a woman president.

“I saw women cry when Hillary was made the nominee in Philadelphia in the summer. So the glass ceiling above the Javits Center is still holding, there were no more cracks today, and America is still waiting for its first female president.”