Presidential 'unpopularity contest' leaves US voters with tough decision

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By Euronews
Presidential 'unpopularity contest' leaves US voters with tough decision

Within the space of a week, Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton went from storming ahead in the polls, to halving her average lead in the US presidential race. The fresh FBI inquiries left voters with a tough decision in what has been widely dubbed an unpopularity contest.

Voter Ravi Desai is as yet undecided.

“I think it will affect people’s votes,” he said. “People are very much concerned about what’s going on and people have to make their decision now.”

Chad Jackson, however, still believed Clinton would win.

“Leave her alone. It’s not like it’s top secret stuff on her emails. Leave her alone. You keep bugging her about some damn emails. Leave it alone, drop it, dead it, just — ah! She’s still going to get elected, because I tell you one thing, if Donald Trump gets elected, I’m moving back to Africa.”

The electorate’s hopes or fears will be realised next week. With few opinion polls conducted since the fresh revelations, whether Americans are in for a trick or a treat remains to be seen.