US election: Trump denies urging supporters to kill Clinton

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By Euronews
US election: Trump denies urging supporters to kill Clinton

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has denied accusations that he incited gun owners’ to kill his Democratic rival for the White House, Hillary Clinton.

In what has become the latest furor involving the billionaire-turned-politician, and what he actually meant, Trump insisted he was just urging supporters to vote.

“I think you’re talking about the power of people that are in favour of the Second Amendment and they have tremendous political power. If Hillary Clinton gets elected, I think she’s going to decimate the Second Amendment, if not abolish it,’‘ Trump said.

Despite claiming his words had been twisted by the media, many others have interpreted the comments as a veiled threat to Clinton.

She has so far only taken to Twitter saying, ‘‘A person seeking to be the President of the United States should not suggest violence in any way.’‘

Fresh from his primary win in Wisconsin, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said Trump’s comments appeared to be a bad joke.

“I have been a little busy today, I heard about this Second Amendment quote, it sounds like a joke going bad, I hope he clears that up very quickly. You should never joke about something like that. I didn’t actually hear the comments but I heard about these comments,” Ryan said.

The controversial remarks, made during a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, centred on a future president’s power to appoint US Supreme Court justices.

Trump has repeatedly interpreted Clinton’s calls for tougher gun laws as a threat to the second amendment. However, the constitutional right to bear arms could only be changed by the Supreme Court.