Brussels airport cautiously reopens for a handful of flights

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By Keith Walker
Brussels airport cautiously reopens for a handful of flights

Brussels Airport reopened on Sunday (April 3), twelve days after suicide bombers hit its departure hall and killed sixteen people.

There are far fewer flights, just three on Sunday, and security is a lot tighter.

The airport wants to return to maximum capacity before the end of June.

On Monday, the airport will serve a wider range of destinations, with planes scheduled to New York, Gambia and Senegal.

Police are systematically checking every passenger entering the airport. Bags are now being screened before check in.

“I would say that there is a feeling of confidence when we see the security being deployed,” said one passenger. “The attacks are of course on everyone’s minds, it’s strange to be have to go through the basements, but I feel confident.”

“Nothing will happen now because we are well protected, but who knows what the situation will be two months or in four when there will be less security,” said another traveller. “Nobody can tell if they’ll be back. The future is uncertain and that’s sad.”

Brussels Airport has warned passengers to arrive three hours before their flights because of increased security, and to come by car. The normal train and bus services are not running.