Stakes high for US presidential candidates on "Super Tuesday II"

Stakes high for US presidential candidates on "Super Tuesday II"
By Seamus Kearney
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Euronews' Stefan Grobe is in Miami, Florida, one of the states where voting is taking place for what is called Super Tuesday II


For the very latest on the US presidential campaign, Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe is in Miami, Florida, one of the states where voting is taking place on what is called Super Tuesday II. Euronews’ Seamus Kearney asked him what was at stake in Florida.

Stefan Grobe: “Florida is the biggest prize of this Super Tuesday and whoever wins here will be making a big leap towards the nomination.

“Now on the Republican side, latest polls suggest that Donald Trump has a very very big lead over Marco Rubio who is the native son, who is the senator from Florida, and if he doesn’t win here I think he will drop out of the race the day after.

“On the Democratic side, Florida is Clinton country. She has a huge lead over her rival Bernie Sanders, which is understandable: Florida has that kind of population that is favourable to Hillary Clinton, lots of Latinos and African Americans, lots of military people, and of course lots of retirees, people who move to the states to have a good life after retirement. This is not the place for Bernie Sanders to launch a political revolution of course.”

Seamus Kearney: “What about the other four big states. Can Sanders pull another upset victory?”

Stefan Grobe: “Well among the other four states it’s particulary Ohio where Sanders believes he has a shot. This is a neighbouring state of Michigan where he won. he had a slight vivctory in Michigan. I guess the other states are probably out of reach for Sanders.

“Let’s take North Carolina and Illinois: both have huge African American communities, Latino communities, and they will probably go for Clinton. Then there is Missouri: it’s one of the priority states that historically has loved leftist, populists, so maybe he has a shot there as well. But it’s certainly Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, the ultimate swing state.”

Seamus Kearney: “And of course on the Republican side, Donald Trump. Can his opponents spoil his triumph and reshape the race?”

Stefan Grobe: “Yes for Trump it also boils down to Ohio. This is a state that is a must win state for him. Right now he’s tied there with Ohio Governor John Kasich, the native son who is immensely popular in Ohio. If he doesn’t win Ohio it will complicate his path towards the nomination and of course the anti-Trump forces within the Republican party would feel emboldened.

“Now, Trump has cancelled an event in Miami on Monday to be in Ohio and drum up support there. The Trump campaign has come under heavy fire over the weekend for the violent clashes that we have seen between protesters and Trump supporters. That has created a big backlash among the other Republican candidates and it’s not yet sure how much of an impact that will have on this Super Tuesday.”

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