Iran customs X-ray discovers stowaways at Turkish border

Iran customs X-ray discovers stowaways at Turkish border
By Euronews
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Iranian customs officers have discovered four stowaways, three men and a woman attempting to cross the Iran-Turkey border illegally. The clandestine passengers, en route to Europe in a removal truck, according to authorities, were found thanks to X-ray photography (see pictures)

“The migrants, who are citizens from a neighbouring country, were hidden in a removal container among furniture,” Iran’s customs authorities said in a statement. “We discovered their hiding spot thanks to our X-ray cameras.”

The vehicle was checked in the Bazargan border region, according to the statement.

Iranian authorities say it is the third case of stowaways discovered via X-ray equipment in the last three months.

The precise country of the clandestine passengers is not yet known. However, for Afghans hoping to reach Europe, Iran is the first barrier to get across. Also, Iranians illegally leaving their country for Europe must cross its western border to Turkey or Iraqi Kurdistan.

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