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Anger in Tehran over executed Shia cleric shows no signs of abating

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By Euronews
Anger in Tehran over executed Shia cleric shows no signs of abating

Hundreds of Iranians have held a third day of protest in central Tehran over Saudi Arabia’s execution of the prominent Shi’ite cleric.

A wave of anger against the Sunni-led kingdom has led to the ransacking of its embassy in Tehran causing Riyadh to cut ties which in turn has inflamed sectarian tensions.

One women protesting in Tehran’s Imam Hussein square said the future of relations with Saudi Arabia is of no consequence to us:” It’s Saudi Arabia who should feel themselves lucky to have relations with our country, because Iran is the region’s political, economic, and military power, and if we cut relations, it’s Saudi Arabia itself which will be harmed.”

While one man said said he believed that past wrongs committed by the Saudis have reached a tipping point: “People are fed-up with the Saudis for killing our fellow countrymen in the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca and the blessed martyr, and also for all the other years that our people have bad memories of the Saudi family. They are fed-up and just want to shout it out.

Reporting for euronews from Tehran, Javad Montazeri said that it seems as if the crisis in the Middle East is likely to get even worse if Iran and Saudi Arabia close diplomatic doors. Their actions are bound to have repercussions on the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.