Nobel Peace Prize accepted by Tunisian pro-democracy group

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By Keith Walker
Nobel Peace Prize accepted by Tunisian pro-democracy group

The Nobel Peace Prize has been presented to a Tunisian pro-democracy group at a ceremony in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

The National Dialogue Quartet accepted the award and set two global priorities: the fight against terrorism, and helping Palestinians to achieve self determination.

The members of the quartet were presented with a diploma and medals for the role they played in Tunisia’s peaceful transition to democracy in the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

“Today we are most in need of making the fight against terrorism an absolute priority, which means perseverance on coordination and cooperation between all nations to drain its resources,” said Hussein Abassi, head of the Tunisian General Labour Union, one of the quartet honoured.

During the ceremony, Tunisian artist Emal Mathlouthee performed “My World is Free,” which was considered an important protest song during the Tunisian revolution.

With a new constitution and free elections, the country has been held up as a model of how to transition from dictatorship to democracy.