COP21: climate change provokes protests of all shapes and sizes

COP21: climate change provokes protests of all shapes and sizes
By Euronews  with Reuters, Oxfam

Marching against climate change: around the world, thousands take to the streets ahead of the COP21 conference.

Ahead of Monday’s (November 30) United Nations climate conference in the French capital, Oxfam set up a ‘mocked up’ leaders’ breakfast.

The anti-poverty charity sat down ‘big head’ avatars of François Hollande, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi in Parisian café.

They were given rather an unusual menu. The specials board, for example, called for “more money for poor people to adapt to climate change” as well as “Stronger emissions reductions.”

Worldwide rallies

In anticipation of the COP21 forum, rallies against climate change have been taking place around the world.

In Tokyo, hundreds gathered for an Earth Parade

While thousands in New Zealand were treated to a very local demonstration at their version of the international The People’s Climate March event. After observing a minute’s silence, a traditional Haka was performed.

A protest in Brisbane, eastern Australia, was one of several planned across the country.

According to its Climate Change Authority, Australia has the highest per capita emissions.

Scientists say greenhouse gas emissions have raised global temperatures and started to upend the earth’s climate.

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