How many refugees is Juncker asking each EU state to take in?

How many refugees is Juncker asking each EU state to take in?
By Chris Harris
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With the EU facing an unprecedented migrant crisis, Jean-Claude Juncker has today (September 9) urged member states to take in an extra 120,000 refugees, to help ease the burden on Italy, Greece and Hungary.

A breakdown of how many each country is being asked to accommodate is published below.

This figure is in addition to the 40,000 asylum seekers EU states were asked to take in earlier this year. The union fell short of this target, with Hungary refusing to accept any and several other countries agreeing to less than the European Commission (EC) had originally proposed.

The EC works out how many refugees each country should take based on indicators such as the size of its population and GDP.

The proposals involve taking 15,600 refugees from Italy, 50,400 from Greece and 54,000 from Hungary.

Denmark, the UK and Ireland, under EU treaties, are allowed to opt-out of this initiative.

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