Israeli PM rejects international 'diktats' on Palestinian-Israeli conflict

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By Euronews  with REUTERS
Israeli PM rejects international 'diktats' on Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he rejects what he called “International Diktats” or the forcing of peace plans on Israel.

His remarks came as French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius arrived promoting an initiative to relaunch the Israeli Palestinian peace process which collapsed in 2014.

Fabius urged the Israeli premier not to prejudge his efforts:

“At any moment there is a risk that it could all explode. So the concern for France is to help even if it is very difficult to find a solution. France will not give up,” he said.

Fabius who is on a two-day trip to the Middle East is pushing for a UN Security Council resolution that would lay out a time table for talks.

He also wants to establish a support group comprising of Arab states, the European Union and UN Security Council members.

Netanyahu insists he will flatly reject any proposals, “which have no true consideration for the security and needs of Israelis or other national interests of ours”.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas whom Fabius met in Ramallah appeared more receptive to the French initiative saying he wanted to resume negotiations towards a two-state solution.