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Slow Education: less test-focused, personalised schooling

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By Euronews
Slow Education: less test-focused, personalised schooling

In this edition of Learning World, we have travelled the world to find out more about a movement that is trying to encourage more personal learning at school and less focus on tests.

Discover so-called slow education in this edition of Learning World.

Spain: time to learn

You may have heard of the slow food movement, a backlash against industrialised fast food. But what about slow education? The campaign began in the UK and the US but the philosophy is now being incorporated around the world.

Learning World travelled to Spain to find out more from a leading expert who has written a book about slow education.

China: old style schools

Chinese education has a reputation for being highly competitive, with many pupils opting for expensive private classes to stay ahead. But there are people returning to a more traditional approach.

This report visits a school in the south of the country that is one of the very first old-style schools operating in China. 

Japan: the slow generation

Life in Japan never seems to stand still. Could the busy island nation that is accustomed to jam-packed study schedules and rigorous testing adapt to the slow education movement? We visit Tokyo to find out.

In Japan, spring begins when the cherry trees blossom. For students, it marks a two-week holiday before the start of a new school year. But here in the “Land of the Rising Sun,” being on holiday does not necessarily mean sitting at home doing nothing.

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