Failed coup in Burundi: Three generals arrested, 'ringleader' remains at large

Failed coup in Burundi: Three generals arrested, 'ringleader' remains at large
By Euronews with Reuters, AP
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Calm appears to have been restored to Burundi as authorities announce the arrest of three generals following a failed attempt to overthrow the president.


There have been celebrations in Burundi following the arrest of three generals. The group is accused of leading a failed attempt to overthrow President Pierre Nkurunziza.

The president of the central African country had earlier said he would pardon the ringleaders, if they surrendered.

Godefroid Niyombaré, former intelligence chief and the general driving the revolt, has surrendered, but remains at large.

The president was in neighbouring Tanzania when the coup attempt took place. Upon his return he said the situation was “under control and constitutional order has been protected.”

Je suis au #Burundi. Je félicite l'armée et la police pour leur patriotisme. Je félicite surtout les burundais pour leur patience.

— Pierre Nkurunziza (@PierreNkurunziz) May 14, 2015

In this tweet, President Nkurunziza congratulates the police and army and thanks the Burundian people for their patience. Some 20 people died in weeks of protests and clashes after Nkurunziza declared he would run for a third term in office, despite the constitution stating a two-term maximum leadership period.

The United Nations reports 105,000 people fled the country during the violence.

Failed coup attempt

The country’s Army Chief of Staff, General Prime Niyongabo, announced the putsch had failed, saying 12 people were killed in the process, while 40 surrendered and nine were arrested.

For the moment, calm appears to have returned to the capital Bujumbura, despite some calls for fresh demonstrations.

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