New York est Charlie

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By Euronews  with Michela Monte
New York est Charlie

New York is also Charlie as hundreds gathered in Washington Square park to decry the terror attack on the satirical magazine.

We can definitely draw parallels, this is the French 9/11.

Though the majority were French, native New Yorkers also braved the freezing temperatures to show their support.

“It’s an attack against the freedom of the press and the freedom of expression in general,” commented Mailys Abos, a French citizen living in New York. “So I’m not necessarily here to support France but to support its values. It’s important to do that not just in France but in every country.”

Christhope Lemetre, another French citizen living in New York said, “We can definitely draw parallels, this is the French 9/11.”

“I have never demonstrated in anything ever or participated,” admits Lola Thom. “But after watching everthing on TV, I had to come.”

From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the “Freedom Tower” in New York rallies are springing up in support of freedom of expression.

Award-winning cartoonist Felipe Galindo AKA Feggo had just returned from a visit to Paris last week when he woke up to the news that one of his friends had been killed in the Charle Hebdo attack.

“With all my colleagues we are acting to respond accordingly with our work,” he said. “We are going to support what they were doing and there has been an outpouring of cartoons in support of them all over the world. So we are going to continue with that.”