Innovate to educate: new practices and technologies in the classroom

Innovate to educate: new practices and technologies in the classroom
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Educationalists are always exploring ways to improve learning outcomes and meet the changing needs of the modern world. New technologies and innovative teaching methods are amongst the big ideas on the table.


In this edition of Learning World, presented by Maha Barada, we consider what impact these innovative approaches are having on students. We explore these themes in three stories.

Flipped Class, USA

Teachers in a school in Chicago have turned traditional education on its head. Instead of going home to work on the lessons they have learned in school, students arrive at school ready for practical work on instruction received at home. Under the Flipped Class model the students watch lessons in online lecture form and apply the theory in sessions with teachers and fellow students.

“My time is more efficient with the Flipped Classes because that way I’m able to access the video at any time, at any given like time during the day,” one student told us.

Another benefit, teachers say, is it allows them to work more closely with students who might have difficulty with some concepts.

E-Limu, Kenya

What happens if classrooms are overcrowded and learning resources are limited? Well, for many children in the slums of Kenya these conditions are a reality which leaves many discouraged from going to school. But one project has tapped into the latest technologies to try to keep students in the classroom.

The E-Limu tablet replaces traditional text books as the basic learning material in participating schools. It is proving to be a big hit with teachers and students, with results improving and school dropout falling.

New Education Experiment, China

Chinese schools consistently world educational rankings, but experts say many students are suffering as a result of the extreme pressure to perform well in exams. Some schools are now experimenting with a different approach to try and improve the situation. In the New Education Experiment programme, rote learning is a thing of the past and students are taught through creative and stimulating methods.

They are encouraged to be open-minded and expressive and to think for themselves. As we find out, the results are impressive.


For the full story, watch the video

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