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British PM to give police powers to restrict movement of terrorists

British PM to give police powers to restrict movement of terrorists
By Everton Gayle
Published on
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David Cameron says he will give police powers to seize the passports of British jihadists to stop them returning to the UK.

The British Prime Minister also plans to compel airlines to hand over passenger lists to help identify suspects.

“We will introduce specific and targeted legislation … providing the police with a temporary power to seize a passport at the border during which time they will be able to investigate the individual concerned,” Cameron told Parliament today.

He said powers to monitor suspects in the United Kingdom would also be bolstered.

UK nationals suspected of being involved in terror acts would be allowed to keep their British citizenship but would not be allowed to enter the country for a certain period of time. ​

The move comes after the UK’s terror threat level was raised from substantial to severe within the past week.

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