[Video] New volcanic island appears off the coast of Japan

[Video] New volcanic island appears off the coast of Japan
By Euronews
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An underwater volcanic eruption has created a new island in the Pacific ocean, Japan’s coast guard and meteorological agency have reported.

It is located near the uninhibited island of Nishinoshima, approximately 1000 kilometres south of Tokyo.

The new island is approximately 200 metres wide, according to the coast guard.

Japan’s meteorological agency has issued a warning to ships crossing the area.

Formación de una nueva isla de unos 250 m de diámetro en Japón …. sumando km de superficie para nuestra tierra … pic.twitter.com/x7KtwXEddw

— Mario Picazo (@picazomario) 21 Novembre 2013

Aerial footage of the new island shot by the Japanese Coast Guard

Location of the new island

Agrandir le plan

Photo for illustration purpose only. Credit CC BY Flickr/ST33VO http://eurone.ws/17Ns1lx

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