Is the EU grass still greener? Young journalists reflect on the state of Europe

Is the EU grass still greener? Young journalists reflect on the state of Europe
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The following text and multimedia are the product of journalism workshops at the European Youth Media Days that took place at the European Parliament in Brussels on October 15-17. The participants worked with facilitators, learning about new tools and tackling various European issues.

Radio workshop

The radio workshop of the media day produced a show on the theme: “It’s my right but is it my responsibility? – Voting or snoozing?” Thirteen young journalists from 10 different countries participated in the making of it. The conference was the result of cooperation between the European Youth Press and the European Parliament.

Listen to the radio show

List of the participants: Vasco Batista (reporter) Isabel Benitez (reporter) Jurgita Cepulyte (reporter) Lahib Higel (workshop facilitator and editor) Lise Hojer (host) Aude van den Hove (columnist, reporter) Tomas Kabat (reporter) Kostas Macheridis (reporter) Edgar Mannheimer (reporter, music) Eleni Natsi (reporter) Stig Ostergaard Nielsen (reporter) Christiaan Pelgrim (host) Jaša Veselinovič

TV workshop

The TV workshop involved 10 young journalists from different EU member states. The overall topic was “Fort Europa – looking at the European Union from beyond the wall. The cost of mobility: excluding non-Europeans from the EU.”

Through three days of workshops, the participants met with leading experts from different types of media: Tony Connelly from the Irish National Broadcaster RTE , Nina Haase from the German International channel Deutsche Welle and Luke Baker from the international news agency Reuters. For only 10 working hours, the team produced 17 minutes news broadcast on the topic of the workshop.

Watch the TV show

List of the participants: Dobriyana Tropankeva (facilitator), Silvia Amaro, Thales Camargo, Andreas Müller, Lena Odgaard, Dimitris Pogkas, Dimitry Romanovski, Niels Timmermans, Anna Christensen, Marine Leduc.

Print workshop - Orange magazine

The issue of Orange Magazine looks at challenges and opportunities when entering the EU’s labour market. Which things go wrong in the Union? What problems do job seekers have to encounter? And the other side of the coin: which opportunities for job seekers are already out there? Which potential do job seekers provide for the EU?

Orange Magazine has been created by the European Youth Press (EYP) to provide journalistic education and to support young journalists by giving them room to explore media and current affairs. Young European journalists are immersed in a subject through visiting different countries and producing content that is straight forward and cuts to the heart of the pressing issues of the day.

Read the Orange Magazine

Journalists: Tressia Boukhors (France) Tara Cunningham (Ireland) Aileen Donegan (Ireland) Maria-Christina Doulami (Greece) Mateusz Jazdzewski (Poland) Pekka Leiviskä (Finland) Merle Must (Estonia) Olimpia Parje (Romania) Elena Roda (Italy) Mihael Topolovec (Slovenia)
Editor-in-Chief Bettina Benzinger (Germany)
Layout Designers Tomas Lacika (Slovakia) Petri Vanhanen (Finland)

Photo workshop

Thirteen journalists and photographers from 11 different European countries met in Brussels and – before even knowing each other – they started working on the main topic of this year’s EYMD: “Is the EU grass still greener?”. It was agreed by all that this question can be covered from many different perspectives of European life and that led the team to be separated in three different groups, which represented the three different topics we decided to cover: (Un)Employment, Safety, Environment. The different groups selected the places of their interest and each photographer was free to express the reality captured by his/her camera lens, with no norms…

List of participants:
Martin Hanzel (Coordinator), Lougari Ioanna, Laetitia Béraud, Anton Bendarjevskiy, Marija Puselja, Laura Muñoz, Veera Tegelberg, Klara Sommerova, Adrián Blanco, Anja Đizl Hreščak, Silvia Giannelli, Alexandra Bognar (Hungary).




Multimedia workshop

The debate about European Union and social media brought the multimedia workshop discussions to a more specific topic: is the EU a union of states or a union of people? The participants asked around, searched for opinions and numbers on social media, took interviews of specialists and MEPs. Then searched for initiatives and signs of solidarity across Europe and concluded that there is still more to be done. However, the question remains open: union of states or union of people?

List of participants: Victoria Gomis (Spain), Marc Serena (Spain), Irene Campmany Canes (Spain), Giulia Dessi (representing UK), Usayd Youni (UK), Styliani Kampani (Greece), Sissy (Theodosia) Gkournelou (Greece), Lukas Ondercanin (Slovakia), Marcin Grzebielucha (Poland), Kelly Kiki (Greece), Oana Moisil (Romania)
Facilitator: Mihaela Georgescu (Romania)

[ UNION OF PEOPLE OR UNION OF STATES? We are following the EU, but is the eu following us?


Other European initiatives](// | Infographics

The European Youth Media Days

A 100 young journalists from 28 EU countries took part in the annual journalism event. The EYMD is organised by the European Youth Press (EYP), an network association of young journalists in Europe that involves more than 50,000 journalists under 30.

You can see examples of previous European Youth Media Days here and see the result of one of the multimedia workshop here


Credit photo CC BY Flickr/Vilavelosa

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