Two-year-old cancer patient inundated with pizza after window sign goes viral

Two-year-old cancer patient inundated with pizza after window sign goes viral
By Euronews
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A two-year old girl has been overwhelmed with pizza from online well-wishers after her mother posted a sign on her hospital window asking for deliveries.

Mother Lauren Hammersley was attempting to pass some time and have fun with her daughter, who is a cancer patient at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, when she used medical tape to create the message “Send pizza RM 4112” on the window.

The family, who were not really expecting any pizza, did not get any response for days until a Reddit user spotted the sign and posted it to the social news website. Following the post, the family was inundated by more than 20 pizzas in one day.

On the family’s blog Lauren Hammersely wrote: “Hazel woke up from her nap to the smell of pizza and was so excited to chow down! Several other children and nurses came into the room, with music playing, and had themselves a wonderful Pizza Party”.

As the pizzas continued to arrive the hospital was forced to release a kind but firm message of “thank you but no more.”

Hazel is suffering from Neuroblastoma (NB) a cancer found predominantly in young children and infants, she is about to start her 5th round of chemotherapy.

“We have been absolutely humbled and surprised by the outpouring of love and support from the online community and can only hope and pray that this brings awareness to Neuroblastoma and the Childhood Cancer Community,” said the family.

Follow the Reddit post here

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