Calls for an educational revolution in Egypt

Calls for an educational revolution in Egypt
By Euronews
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Egypt after the Arab Spring is facing many challenges and uncertainties. Some of the loudest voices calling for change are coming from teachers and students.

In Cairo, there are growing calls for public state education to be upgraded. For many who can not afford private schooling, it is the only option.

Illiteracy is also a major problem in Egypt. Around 17-million people can not read and write. It is felt hardest in the most underprivileged areas, where the situation for women is even worse.

Reading and writing is being targeted by a project launched by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education and Literacy, under the campaign slogan “Together We Can.”

And Cairo has one of the oldest universities in the world. There are more than 180,000 students spread over 26 faculties.

Medicine, pharmacy and engineering graduates appear to have little trouble finding a job, but it is a different story for those trying to enter the world of work from the other faculties.

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