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Closing the education gender gap

Closing the education gender gap
By Euronews
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This week’s Learning World gives three perspectives on the educational gender gap that exists in the developing world.

Second chance for married girls, Senegal

First we meet Diénéba, a 19-year-old mother. Her life took a turn for the worse in 2005, when an arranged marriage forced her to leave school. In her village, everything but marriage can wait. Now however, thanks to an NGO that campaigns for equal rights in the developing world, she has gone back to her beloved studies and hopes one day to become a mathematician.

“Secondary school is key for girls”, says Carol Bellamy

In our second story, euronews talks to former UNICEF Director Carol Bellamy about the many challenges which face women and girls today.

Flexible Learning Helps Girls, Bangladesh

Finally we go to Bangladesh, where poverty forces young girls to leave school and find work to support their families. There a revolutionary new programme is focusing on flexible learning, meaning some now have the opportunity to get an education while making a living.

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