"Art and Education"

"Art and Education"
By Euronews
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Welcome to Learning World – Euronews’ new programme dedicated to education. Art is of course vital to education opening up a rich world of creativity that can touch all aspects of learning. It’s a form of expression that plays an undeniable role in our ability to develop, learn and grow. In this week’s programme we’ll be looking at the different ways that art affects people’s experience of learning. We begin in Finland – a country that consistently scores top marks for its education system. This success is often put down to Finns’ ability to think outside the box – and the Design Factory in Helsinki is no exception.

At the Design Factory, teaching is project-based and very practical. Students are encouraged to make prototypes of their ideas, so they can see what works and what doesn’t work. Students are also encouraged to share ideas and to brainstorm problems in special rooms furnished with beanbags.

For more information on the Design Factory see:

In New York’s Bronx, young people are being encouraged to express themselves through poetry. Children find that poetry gives them a way of expressing themselves and of discovering that in many cases, they are not alone in their feelings. Other people feel the same way.

For more information about the Poetry in the Bronx programme, see:

In a sprawling favela (slum township) in Sao Paolo in Brazil, inhabitants now have a chance to lift themselves out of a context of crime and poverty through music. The Instituto Baccarelli teaches classical and orchestral music to the children in the deprived area, transforming their lives in the process. One star pupil even managed to get a grant to study in Israel, his progress was so good.

For more information about the Instituto Baccarelli, see:

Next week we will be looking at technology and how it is shaping people’s lives. And remember, if you would like to see any of our reports again go to: www.euronews.net/learningworld


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