US denounces Russian role in Syria crisis.

US denounces Russian role in Syria crisis.

The United States Special Representative for Syria has denounced Russia’s role in the conflict there and its “unyielding support” for the Assad Regime.

In an interview with our correspondent Méabh Mc Mahon, James Jeffrey said the US would not finance any reconstruction in the country as the situation currently stands.

Mr Jeffrey said:

"We do not think that Russia’s seemingly unyielding and complete support for the Assad regime and Assad regime's rejection of a political process, and constant attempts at military solution against the will of the UN and the Security Council has been helpful. We think that what that has done is drawn in all these outside military forces. Now we are staying on, now you have Turkish troops in large numbers in the whole North West of country, you have Israeli air force units flying all around the country who are hunting Iranians who are moving in long range systems to put Israel at risk. This is what Russia has allowed to happen.

Mr Jeffrey said that America would now finance any reconstruction in Syria under the current circumstances said it was working to ensure the that "the EU and international organisations such as the UN and the World Bank don’t either. The idea of rebuilding a country that has been destroyed primarily by Assad with some help from Iranians and Russians at our cost, and to allow Assad do something like this again, is absolutely ludicrous and we are not going to do it.

"The reason why this is so much the talk is that the Russians are extremely active running around saying the war is over and that now is the time to rebuild the country, but almost half the country is not in the hands of the Assad regime.. half the population has fled his area to the Turkish areas or across the borders to Turkey, Jordan or Lebanon. So he is far from having won the conflict. He has drawn in five armies who are to some degree at odds with each other with risk of escalation. This is not one conflict, it is dangerous conflicts. Reconstruction (funds) will not flow until we see cooperation with the regime and we haven't yet."