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The eurozone is battling a financial crisis that has seen several countries unable to repay or refinance their government debt. Five EU member states have so far had to resort to international bailouts to see them through.

Speculation is mounting that the debt crisis could result in one or more of the EU's weakest economies exiting the eurozone and the single currency - if the stronger economies do not keep bankrolling efforts to keep the Europe project together.

Do you live in the eurozone? Make yourself heard. Tell us how your life has been affected by the crisis. Send your stories to or visit the euronews page on facebook


Debt, deficit, GDP, unemployment: the crisis key figures


The Generation Gap

Youth unemployment

What about you?

How is your everday life being affected by the financial crisis or your country's austerity measures?
For example: do you worry that you may lose your job or that your wages will be cut? Have you had to stop buying certain items? Have you had to help relatives? Have you had to change your lifestyle because of a lack of money? Have you put any important projects on hold? Do you have some health or dental issues that are not being taken care of?

Send your stories to or share them on facebook or tweet them using the hashtag #myeurocrisis

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