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Retailers’ obligations to customers

Retailers’ obligations to customers

Paul from Dublin asked: “I run a small retail business, we sell goods directly to customers all over the EU. What are my obligations to my customers when it comes to guarantees?” Vessela Stoyanova the Europe Direct Communication Office answered: “EU law gives consumers the right to a minimum 2-year guarantee, but some…

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Utalk concept

So, what’s u talk all about? U talk is an interactive weekly programme where we want your questions on Europe. Europe is a fascinating melting pot and your queries can cover ANY issue on Europe – from controversies, challenges, to current affairs and how it all works… and we will pick the most thought-provoking, relevant question. We’ll then get to work to find you the answer – this will come either in the form of an interview with the relevant expert or via a short report. So come on board and start sending us your questions NOW!