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Macedonian Postcards: The Mavrovo National Park


Macedonian Postcards: The Mavrovo National Park

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In this episode of Postcards we visit the largest of the three Macedonian national parks.

Key facts about the Mavrovo National Park:

  • It covers an area of just over 730 square kilometres in the country’s west
  • Established in 1949, it is the largest of the three Macedonian national parks
  • The country’s highest peak, Mt Korab (2764m), is located here
  • A ski resort also operates in the winter months, near Lake Mavrovo
  • The colourful forests contain more than 100 rare species of trees

Mavrovo, with its beautiful lake, covers more than 730 square kilometres of mountains and rugged terrain.

Euronews’ Seamus Kearney reported: “There are numerous ways to visit the park, including hiking and mountain biking, but one of the most popular is on horseback, even for beginners like me.”

Experts are on hand to guide visitors around the most impressive locations, and there are also plenty of chances to get a feel for the local food and culture.

Vasko Velichkovski from the Horse Club Bistra Galicnik, which provides horse-riding tours, told Postcards: “After the riding, and instead of the riding, we can share a beautiful moment in this area, and as well we can serve you with very traditional and nice food, everything grown in this stable (ranch).”

Quaint villages with restaurants also welcome visitors all year round, and the wide range of leisure activities also includes a ski resort in winter.


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