Thierrz Fumeaux

Intensive Care Units in Switzerland 'at capacity' due to COVID-19

A top Swiss medical association has sounded the alarm regarding saturated intensive care units across the country as the second wave of COVID-19 infections takes a heavy toll.

The Swiss Society for Intensive Care Medicine said that 876 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are practically all full. The military has been called in to support efforts in several cantons.

Professor Thierry Fumeaux, the society's former President, told Euronews that the system is now dangerously overstretched:

"What we call certified beds - visited by certificate commissioners - are all full, but of course we have some in reserve because all hospitals have been able to increase capacity by asking more people from their teams not normally in ICU to work there, but nevertheless the situation is critical."

"There's a misconception that all of these people that are dying are old, which is not the case. If people saw what was happening inside the ICU, they would understand," he added.

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