EU countries unlikely to reintroduce COVID travel restrictions under new recommendations

The EU Council has recommended that all COVID-19 related restrictions be lifted in the EU.
The EU Council has recommended that all COVID-19 related restrictions be lifted in the EU.   -   Copyright  Canva
By Euronews Travel

The Council of the European Union has updated its travel recommendations to lift all COVID-19 related restrictions in the EU.

In a statement, it calls on member states to remove any restrictions on travel on the grounds of public health.

While no restrictions remain, this ensures no new restrictions will be imposed if the situation stays unchanged.

In October, Spain became the final EU country to drop its COVID entry requirements. Until then, non-EU travellers were required to show proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative COVID test.

However, the recommendations keep a number of safeguards in case of a deteriorating situation.

If the pandemic worsens or new strains emerge in countries outside the EU, the council notes that pre-departure requirements and temporary restrictions may be necessary.

If the situation worsens in EU countries, the requirements to show a digital COVID certificate or undergo testing may be reintroduced.

What are the latest travel rules for EU countries?

Since Spain lifted its final restrictions in October, tourists from all countries no longer need to show any COVID documents to enter any EU country.

Previously, many countries required proof of vaccination, a recovery certificate or a negative test through the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC).

EU countries are now welcoming all tourists regardless of vaccination status, recovery or testing.

Under the new recommendations, it is likely that the EU will remain restriction-free, unless cases rise in certain countries or regions or new strains of concern emerge.

Mask wearing is still required by some countries in certain situations, but passengers flying in the EU no longer need to wear masks in airports or aboard flights.