With no more guests, this Kyiv hotel is offering shelter to citizens

People have set up camp in the Radisson Blu hotel, Kyiv
People have set up camp in the Radisson Blu hotel, Kyiv   -  Copyright  AFP
By Hannah Brown  with AP & AFP

The usually busy streets of central Kyiv are empty. Air strike sirens blare and a lone old woman prays outside St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery.

Many of the city’s inhabitants have already fled, but now, as Russian troops advance, those who have chosen to stay are seeking shelter.

Many have gone deep underground to the city’s metro system, while others have sought refuge elsewhere.

In central Kyiv, the Radisson Blu Hotel has opened its doors to help protect the city’s displaced population.

This sleek 4 star hotel in the centre of the city is usually around €125 per night but today the hotel’s glass entrance has been reinforced with wooden panels and people have moved into its underground car park.

It’s 3C in Kyiv right now and those seeking shelter here are wrapped in blankets as they set up makeshift beds and tables amongst the cars.

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Video editor • Hannah Brown