These are the 4 countries offering COVID-19 vaccines to tourists

A pop-up vaccination center administering Johnson & Johnson single-doses in South Beach, Florida
A pop-up vaccination center administering Johnson & Johnson single-doses in South Beach, Florida Copyright AFP
By Shannon McDonagh
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Countries outside Europe are planning to reconnect with tourists by offering them the COVID-19 vaccine as a perk of their stay.


A number of destinations around the world are starting to offer tourists the COVID-19 vaccine.

Almost one billion people are now fully vaccinated globally but foreign governments are keen to use their supplies to treat the tourism wounds created by a difficult year for international travel.

Outside of Europe, many countries are going a step further than the provisions created by the EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC), which allows cross-continental travel following proof of vaccination and a negative test.

There are initiatives in place that include a jab in the price of your accommodation, free doses available by city landmarks, and more.

There are initiatives in place that include a jab in the price of your accommodation.

Here are five places that either plan to, or currently, offer COVID-19 vaccinations to tourists:

4. The United States of America

Times Square in New York City is now home to tourist-friendly mobile vaccination centersCanva

Some US cities are offering visitors the chance to get vaccinated using the single-dose Johnson & Johnson jab without an appointment. In fact, New York City has been offering doses through vaccination hubs at landmarks such as Times Square since May.

The state of Alaska has followed suit too, with the states’ Director of Public Health Heidi Hedberg confirming that visitors can receive a dose of either Pfizer or Moderna as they arrive into airports across the state.

Other states are making use of their surplus by offering vaccines to tourists in Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.

3. The Maldives

The Maldives' visitor vaccination scheme is on track to be ready for the island's warmest monthCanva

Tourism authorities have confirmed that once this island’s native population has been fully vaccinated they will roll out a “Visit, Vaccinate, Vacation” scheme that offers injections to those that haven’t received theirs yet.

The Maldives is usually a hub of rest and relaxation for millions of wealthy visitors year-round, and has managed to welcome over 400,000 people this year alone.

Though this scheme may not land in time for Europe’s summer period - the Maldives’ has just about vaccinated 41 per cent of its adult population - so it’ll certainly be ready in time for the warmest season in March and April next year.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the first destination in the world to offer a COVID-19 vaccine as part of a package holidayCanva

This ever-popular island getaway has gone to great lengths to encourage tourists back to its iconic beaches - Bali will soon be offering holiday packages that include a vaccine dose with your accomodation and travel.

Indonesia is currently in the thick of its highest number of COVID-19 cases to date, so a start date for this initiative lies in the hands of its President, Joko Widodo.

Visitors will be given a dose of either AstraZeneca or Sinopharm which is expected to be included in the price of their holiday.

1) Russia

Russian tourism ministers plan to charge over 1,000 euros for tourists to receive a dose of Sputnik VCanva

Russia is using its spare vaccine supplies as an opportunity to profit from tourists, charging between €1,200 and €2,200 for a dose of its Sputnik V injection.

This has amounted to some confusion for prospective tourists given that the country is not yet issuing visitor visas.

“The product is ready, but the issues of visa support and legal entry for foreigners wishing to receive the Russian vaccine are yet to be resolved,” says Andrei Ignatyev, President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry.

**CORRECTION: The original copy of this article listed the United Arab Emirates as a destination where tourists can receive ****a dose of either Pfizer or Sinopharm in its capital, Abu Dhabi. It is now understood that holders of entry visas, not tourist visas, are able to receive this service.**

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