Crowd-free tourism: 5 apps to help you find empty beaches this summer

Crowds of tourists at the beach
Crowds of tourists at the beach Copyright VALERY HACHE/AFP
By Hope Talbot
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Wanting to escape the post-lockdown crowds? Here are the apps to help you out.


As temperatures begin to rise, and Europe’s hot summer reaches new heights, many of us are looking to head outside after a long year of lockdowns and avoiding days out.

However, with the risk of infection still remaining, we're keen to avoid the crowds and close contact with others.

A whole array of apps have now been designed specifically for finding crowd-free attractions.

So, to help you stay comfortable whilst out and about, here are the best apps to help you get the most out of your outings this summer.

5. Beach Check UK

Margate Beach in EnglandUnsplash

As staycations reign supreme this summer, Beach Check UK is a game-changer for those looking to get away from sun-seeking crowds.

Showing real-time information on how busy beaches are, the app was developed by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Tourism to stem the flow of summer beach-goers.

The app also provides extra information on allowing dogs, cycling and BBQs, making it a great all-round guide to some of the most iconic British beaches.

4. Crowdless

Designed during the height of lockdown, Crowdless helps users find out how busy supermarkets and other food vendors are before visiting.

As well as using already existing data from Google Maps, Crowdless relies on users for insights and updates, asking them to confirm the accuracy of crowds upon arrival.

3. Skip the Crowds

Crowded barUnsplash

For those craving a night out without the worries of overcrowding, Skip the Crowds is for you.

The app allows users to search nearby businesses, including bars, pubs and restaurants, with data in both real-time and based on historical information so that they can pre-plan their trips or go spontaneously. You can also create a favourites list, and monitor crowds regularly, allowing you the freedom to explore your most cherished spots, without the hassle.

2. Avoid Humans

After a year of lockdowns, re-opening anxiety is very real, and for some of us, avoiding other people for a while is necessary to slowly reintroduce ourselves to the world. The app, Avoid Humans, gets that.

Its aim is to help users avoid other people through Instagram check-in data to identify crowded places. The app covers everything from nightlife to refuge spots and uses simple icons to show how crowded a place is.

1. Avoid the Shopping Crowds

Crowds in Amsterdam, the NetherlandsUnsplash

For shoppers keen to get back out there, the app Avoid the Shopping Crowds is vital for any crowd-free trip.

Using social media data, as well as live webcam feeds, this innovative Dutch app gives us the reassurance we need to browse crowd-free.

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