Is Konjac the future of health food?

Is Konjac the future of health food?
By Euronews

In the latest episode of Euronews' culinary programme Taste, we get to the roots of Konjac. The miracle plant that has been growing in Japan for centuries, many are now heralding it the future of healthy eating.

Historically, the plant was praised for its healing qualities. It is now cooked in many forms and gaining new popularity with westerners keen to keep an eye on their physiques and health.

Euronews reporter Cyril Fourneris sat down with Japan-based Michelin-starred chef Thierry Voisin and Konjac producer Shigenobu Kambe to find out why; below are extracts from their conversation.

Cyril Fourneris: "Why are we seeing the rebirth of Konjac?"

Thierry Voisin: "Well, precisely because it is a very healthy product. And what is good for the body is good for the mind."

Euronews filming in the konjac fields (Gunma prefecture, Japan)

Konjac producer Shigenobu Kambe broke down the harvesting process.

"It's not the leaves that we eat. It’s the bulb that is underground. The harvest will take place in October or November"