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Will construction workers be replaced by robots?

Will construction workers be replaced by robots?
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By Julian GOMEZ

European researchers have developed, and are currently testing, a cable-driven robot designed to help install and repair heavy construction features on building facades.

It is all part of an EU project called HEPHAESTUS - that's exploring the innovative use of robots and autonomous systems in the construction industry to help give the sector a boost.

It is hoped the use of the robots will increase efficiency on sites, as Euronews finds out in this week's Futuris.

However, project coordinator Julen Astudillo Larraz says the robots won't replace humans, just help them.

"As it has been designed, the robot won't substitute workers. It just allows them to work in safer conditions and with higher standards," he explained.

"Human intervention on construction sites will always be necessary.

"There will always be moments when workers will have to intervene to ensure the work is done.

"We are simply providing these workers with better, more accurate tools. Workers will be safer, they will be able to execute tasks faster and carry out higher quality work," he added.