'Shoot, we are unarmed': Verified videos show Ukrainians confronting Russian soldiers

Citizens have angrily confronted Russian troops in occupied cities such as Melitopol (R) and Berdyansk (R).
Citizens have angrily confronted Russian troops in occupied cities such as Melitopol (R) and Berdyansk (R). Copyright OLGA GALSUMOVA via Storyful // BONDARENKO VIKTOR MYKOLAIOVICH via AP
By The Cube
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Ukrainian protesters can be seen using their bare hands to try and slow down Russian tanks.


Unarmed Ukrainian citizens have been filmed confronting Russian soldiers across the country amid the invasion.

Verified social media videos show a number of citizens protesting in the faces of armed troops, and blocking roads through cities.

One clip shows demonstrators gathering in the captured southern city of Melitopol to continue angrily defying Russian forces.

Unarmed civilians faced off against Russian military vehicles, some throwing themselves on the ground to block the road while others used their bare hands to try and halt the vehicles.

Another video from the main square of a nearby resort city, Berdyansk, mirrors the scene.

Local residents -- some elderly -- can be seen carrying Ukrainian flags and singing the national anthem as they encircle Russian occupiers. One clip shows a man speaking directly to a Russian soldier, stood just a few metres away.

"What? Will you shoot me? Go ahead, I do not have anything. Go ahead, are you not our brothers?" he asks.

"Go ahead, we are unarmed. Why did you come here? Leave while you are alive."

Many civilians describe the Russian soldiers as exhausted young conscripts, but the claims have not been proven.

Other verified videos have also shown fierce, unexpected resistance on the ground to Russian soldiers. One shows a Ukrainian driver jokingly offering to tow Russian tanks back across the border when they had run out of fuel, while others show Ukrainian farmers’ tractors dragging Russian vehicles away through the countryside.

Russian state media have continued to portray the Kremlin narrative that Russia has launched a "military operation" to "denazify" Kyiv. Ukraine has been labelled by Moscow as a "failed state" that poses an existential threat to Russia and had been responsible for eight years of genocide. These claims are unfounded.

Some state-controlled media even report that Russian forces will be welcomed by citizens, such as when Soviet forces liberated the region from Nazi control during the Second World War.

But verified social media videos show a very different reality.

Instead, Russian soldiers are being confronted and told that they themselves are Nazis, who have entered a country where the government was democratically elected and the President himself is Jewish.

Ukraine's main cities have come under intense bombardment from Vladimir Putin's forces, with the second-largest city Kharkiv under a sustained attack.

The Russian military has denied targeting residential areas despite abundant evidence of shelling of homes, schools and hospitals

Ukraine's emergency service has said more than 2,000 civilians have now been killed since the invasion began, but even in captured towns and cities, unarmed citizens are still resisting their invaders.

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