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Police dog saves 'hugely embarrassed' husband who lost wedding ring after throwing it away in anger

Police dog Odin saved the day
Police dog Odin saved the day Copyright West Midlands Police
Copyright West Midlands Police
By Euronews
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The police dog managed to sniff out the wedding ring in a matter of minutes after spotting the husband searching for it on a grass verge.


A police dog in the UK has been praised for saving the day after it managed to sniff out the wedding ring of an "embarrassed" husband who lost it when he threw it aside after arguing with his wife.

The man, who has not been named, was spotted by West Midlands Police officer Carl Woodall and his dog Odin "acting suspiciously" on a road in Harbourne in the early hours of Saturday morning.

On closer inspection, the pair discovered the man was searching for his wedding ring after throwing it away "in a momentary loss of temper", Woodall later said.

He added that the man "very quickly regretted his actions and was desperate to find it."

West Midlands Police
Police dog OdinWest Midlands Police

Police dog Odin, a six-year-old German Shepherd, was then introduced to the search, and - despite concerns that the scent may not be strong enough - found it within a couple of minutes.

It was "much to the delight (and relief) of the hugely embarrassed hubby," according to a statement from the local police force.

Woodall then recalled: "It was in grass a couple of inches long. And, of course, it was pitch black. They could have spent all night and still not found it.

"Odin got a pat and thanks all round. It’s nice to be nice and I was back on patrol in less than five minutes."

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