Climate commitments and Conservative clarity

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By Darren McCaffrey, Grace Murray
Climate commitments and Conservative clarity

What a week in Westminster and Brussels - a week in which, the Conservative Party confounded expectations by winning a thumping majority in the U.K. general election, returning Boris Johnson to power and almost certainly Britain leaving the EU at the start of next year. We looked at how it was viewed from Europe.

Meanwhile the European Commission presented what it branded - "Europe's 'man on the moon' moment".

It was the EU's new Green Deal to MEPs with a vow to "leave no-one behind" to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, and EU leaders managed to agree - to a degree.

And all this as COP25 takes place in Madrid, with yet more warnings from Greta Thunberg,who, along with other activists have been pushing for more ambition in fighting climate change but the slow pace of negotiations is certainly causing frustrations.

Next week

And that’s all for this week, next week I’ll be in Strasbourg where MEPs will be focusing on rule of law in Malta and trial of Charles Puigdemont begins in Brussels.

All that and much more on Euronews and but from me for now, goodbye and see you next week

But let’s leave with some of the highlights of the U.K. general election, including a rather bizarre if not fun moment involving a Sesame Street character and Jeremy Corbyn’s bodyguard.