1989: Europe and the wall

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By Darren McCaffrey, Meabh McMahon, Maria Psara, Molly Jackson
1989: Europe and the wall

It’s 30 years since Berliners tore down that wall, a wall that divided a city, effectively a country and symbolized a divided Europe.

And here at the European Parliament we’ve been talking to people about their memories of that momentous night

And what about MEPs? Well we spoke to one, Hannah Neuman, a German Green, then a child, about what that night meant to her

But in the three decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, European countries have actually built more - in fact about 1,000 kilometres of new border walls and fences in different parts of the continent as we’ve been finding out

Next week, it’s election fever, with fallout from Spain’s fourth vote in four years, the UK will be in full campaign mode, with their third election in since 2015 and Romania is also going to the polls