Climate summit: 'Adults must start acting likes adults'

Climate summit: 'Adults must start acting likes adults'
By Meabh Mc Mahon
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Activists took advantage of Car-free Sunday to appeal to the incoming Commission to boost their green goals.

Car Free Sunday in Brussels – an annual affair that gives the streets to people and cyclists, a day for families, activities and fun. But this year was different. It comes as a brand new European Commission prepares to come into office and on the same week global leaders sit down together in New-York for the UN Climate Action summit.


"We hope to send a message from Brussels the capital of Europe and we sincerely hope that European political leaders who will be in NYC will be there with a strong message and ambition and set an example for the rest of world," Larry Moffet, Rise for Climate Belgium.

Along with other groups, Larry has launched a new movement to put pressure on the incoming president of the European Commission. It is called Dear Ursula.

"We have seen some vague promises to do more for the climate. She speaks of a Green Deal for Europe but we want more than that. We want as I said guarantees on specific points," says Moffet.

Larry wants to see an end to all investments in fossil fuels, an end to tax exemptions on jet fuel and he wants the Commission to put aside 100 million euros for green policies in Europe and Africa. Lena, a young German activist agrees.

"What she said so far about the Green New deal, and that that is something she wants to push for is a positive sign, but I think from the bottom up as the citizens we have to make sure that she actually fulfills the promises that she is giving now."

One man who plans to keep the pressure up from inside the EU is Piotr Rapacz from Poland. He represents EU staff for climate and does not hide his frustration with politicians today. His children's generation deserves better.

"They all deserve that all the adults around the world wake the hell up and start acting likes adults. For the time being I have impression that young people and even children are acting as adults while most the adults are just thinking about business as usual," Piotr Rapacz, EU Staff for Climate explains.

As long as there is business as usual, Piotr will keep taking to the streets. For climate scientist Noel Baker, grassroots movements can only do so much though.

"These bottom up movements are getting the momentum going but the highest producers of climate change emissions are at the top, and we really need to crack down on these companies and on these governments who are polluting in the most amount that we can, and it is not going to happen from these small home grown movements, it has come from the top," Noel Baker, Climate Scientist remarks.

All eyes now are on the so-called top - the 60 world leaders sitting down together in New York.

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