EU divisions over Venezuela crisis

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By Euronews
EU divisions over Venezuela crisis

More cracks than ever are appearing in the European Parliament over the EU's position on Venezuela.

The European Parliament's approved a resolution - with the support of conservatives and liberals - and attracting 310 votes in favour overall.

But, for the first time, the socialist group abstained.

"This vote has been different because for the first time there has been a very clear division, the socialist group has abstained and there have been many votes against, more than one hundred," said Spanish MEP Javier Couso. 

"Well, the PP, the conservatives and the liberals continue to maintain a position that is close not to what Europe should do, but rather follows almost in unison the extreme position of Donald Trump."

The new resolution reiterates recognition of Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela. It also condemns repression against politicians and journalists and calls for more, and harsher sanctions, against Nicolas Maduro.

On Twitter, EU parliament president Antonio Tajani saying Venezuelans are not being abandoned and they should continue fighting.

The vote took place just a few hours before the International Contact Group was meeting in Quito - to give a new opportunity to diplomacy.