Venezula stalemate: Can international assistance break the deadlock?

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By Euronews
Venezula stalemate: Can international assistance break the deadlock?

Venezuela's opposition leader and self-proclaimed president, Juan Guaidó, said he is vowing to continue his campaign to oust incumbent President Nicolas Maduro. The Government has tried to silence Guaidó by banning him from holding public office for 15 years as the state controller says there are irregularities in Guaidó’s financial reports.

Elvis Amoroso said, "The declaration of assets of citizen and deputy Juan Gerardo Guaidó Marquez was reviewed, and it established inconsistencies between the assets declared by him with his revenues as a national assembly deputy, his excessive expenses, his way of life that does not correspond with the one of a deputy of our Republic."

On Good Morning Europe, Eileen Gavin is a senior Latin America Analyst for risk analysis organisation Verisk Maplecroft and she explained that the stalemate could possibly be broken with international assistance as the situation is “exhausting the space for talks.”

“The EU and Latin American countries, which met yesterday as part of the Venezuelan contract group, are trying to create this third neutral space for dialogue with the main objective being elections and free and fair elections. But it’s difficult to see at the moment, those elections taking place.”

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